The Outsider


The Outsider was developed as an open world game with a deep narrative story line. The game was based in modern day Washington DC and had many locals that are recognisable from the real world location. You played as Jameson a CIA operative at the center of a conspiracy who has been framed and is now on the run as a fugitive. The game played in a lot to current events such as privacy laws and the monitoring of citizens. The project which was due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 underwent many development changes over its 6 years development cycle and while close to release in early 2012 a suitable publisher could not be found.

I worked on a lot of the external city including creation of the road system and created some smaller internal locations that helped to enhance the plot line between the main missions, these buildings often contained extra clues or general colour about the world. I am unable to show more from the project here in the public capacity due to existing NDA's but can be contacted to provide samples of my work for show to any potential employer.

* Leaked footage that has appeared on sites such as Unseen64 from a beta build.


  • Design for early concept missions
  • Creating gameplay side-missions
  • Assisting junior designers
  • Portalling
  • Prop placement
  • Road layout design
  • External gameplay design
  • Creating grey-box levels
  • Scripting