Gears of War : Level Mod


I created this map for use with Gears of War on the PC which uses a modified version of the UE3 engine. The idea with this project was to use existing assets rather than building the level from scratch but I still ended up making some bespoke shaders in some small cases. I also added bots to the multiplayer map with Kismet as this was not an original feature of the game, this was mostly for showing the map in action.

The overall idea is similar to most of the Gear of War multiplayer maps that offer a small arena that often has symmetrical or asymmetrical elements and with a focal point which is the fountain in the center.

The map can be downloaded here and added to the base Gear of War PC game.


  • Cover system authoring
  • Kismet Scripting
  • Level design
  • Shader creation
  • Project took between 6-8 hours