Scifi Demo


I created a Sci-Fi shooter demo to represent a game level asset with some degree of player interaction and to show what is capable inside of Unity, even in a short timescale.

Currently there is a basic front-end menu, loading screens and part of a level that is fully playable. I intend to enhance the game play and mechanics when possible. This contains several features that are discussed in the video however, a quick round up would be;

1. Player damage and health interface.
2. Spawning of hostiles that can be damaged and killed off.
3. A gun mechanic this not only does damage but hitting certain surfaces spawn specific decals based on the surface type.
4. Head-bob and other visual effect to help add an immersive feel.
5. The inclusion of triggered set pieces/events.


  • C# Scripting
  • Custom FPS scripts
  • Gun mechanics
  • Level design
  • Utilizes Unity store assets