Uninhabited Zone

My goal here was to create an environment with level layout similar to those seen in Destiny 2 but using the UE4 engine.

For this, I started with the Abandoned Factory Scans assets from the Epic store. I created some additional prefab buildings to allow for a better navigational flow around the level and get a better feel for the environment.

Once the main buildings were in place, I used blueprints to add the roads and pathways, added detail props and started shaping the landscapes. I also added a raycast based weapon so I could spray damage decals, this could be extended to damage enemies. The base mesh for the weapon is one that comes from Epics shooter game tutorial.


[SCANS] Abandoned Factory Buildings

Shooter Game - Epic Tutorial

Industrial Prop Pack 6

Environment Set

Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

Quixel Mega Scans


  • Level Design
  • Games Design
  • Adding volumes (blocking/post-process)
  • Custom UI Widget
  • Custom Blueprints (Scripting)
  • Creation of combat spaces